Where does coaching take place? 

All coaching is offered over the phone. I know that my clients lead busy, full lives. With all of my coaching sessions offered over the phone, you can get all the help and support you need from right where you are. No need to trek all the way across town to make it to an office in time for your appointment – just find a quiet place where you are comfortable (your home, office, a peaceful spot outside…) and let the coaching begin. 


What kinds of things do people usually work on in coaching?

I offer both migraine-specific coaching and general health and wellness coaching

Migraine coaching is about learning how to adapt your lifestyle, perspective, and attitude to better roll with the punches and not just cope – but also thrive – when living with migraine. This might mean adjusting your morning routine, figuring out how to fit in gentle physical activity even when your symptoms are present, or learning how to ask for and accept support. 

The beauty of coaching is that the possibilities are endless. I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. I don’t approach health and wellness with my clients from one perspective or another. Instead, we look at everything that makes up who you are:

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Home environment

  • Personal growth and learning

  • Spirituality

  • Diet

  • Movement

  • And so much more

Previous general health and wellness coaching clients have chosen to tackle everything from finding a better work-home balance, cultivating a meditation practice to better manage stress, reorganizing their home so that it is more conducive to a peaceful state of mind, improving communication with loved ones, and implementing a regular exercise routine. 

The sky really is the limit. We are all different, and what nourishes us and balances us is therefore going to be different for everyone. 


What is a typical session like? 

Each person is unique, so each coaching session will be unique. However, most sessions look something like this: 

  • We begin with checking in on progress and the learning that’s occurred since we’ve last spoken.

  • Each session, you’ll decide what it is you’d like to focus our time on for that day. This is always up to you, whether it’s continuing with what we worked on last week, or diving headlong into something new that’s come up as a pressing issue for you. Whatever it is, we will always be working towards your larger goals.

  • The rest of the session will be spent diving headfirst into that agenda. We will explore your intentions, motivations, sources of support, potential roadblocks, and more, and we will identify what resources you might need to help you move forward with your goal.

  • We’ll create concrete, specific actions steps for you to take, so you can start on the path to change right now. You’ll always leave each session with something to do, experiment with, or think about – something to propel you towards your goals.

Ultimately, I’ll do a lot of listening and asking, and you’ll do a lot of deep digging to better understand yourself and how you can best create a change for yourself. 


I’m not really interested in dieting. Does this mean coaching isn’t right for me? 

Health coaching is NOT just about food and diet. A healthy diet is just one piece of the complex health and wellness puzzle, and you might decide that other pieces of that puzzle are more important for you to focus on. It’s your choice what elements of your health and happiness you want to commit yourself to. And if those don’t include your diet? That’s ok.  

Some people do, indeed, come to health coaching for support and guidance in implementing healthier eating habits. Some people come specifically with a goal to lose weight or to make dietary changes to support a certain health condition. But I am not a nutritionist, and I am not going to tell you what to eat or how to diet. I will, however, be here to guide you through the process of experimenting with what foods make you feel best, provide you with healthy eating resources, and support you in sustaining the changes that you choose to make. 


I’m not so sure about this health and wellness coaching thing… Does it really work? 

I’ll be completely honest here and say that I was skeptical too when I first was exposed to coaching. I didn’t quite understand it, and I really wasn’t so sure about it. But the more I learned and trained and experienced, the more I was enthralled. I have never believed in something as much as I believe in this process. It is powerful and magical and transformative if you let it be. 

Learn more about the coaching process here.


How do I set up an appointment?

I offer a free initial consultation to all new clients. Click here to schedule your free consultation. After that, we will decide together what kind of coaching program will be right for you and best suit your needs. Contact me to get started or to schedule an appointment.


How much does coaching cost? 

Contact me to inquire about rates.