My Story

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I became passionate about health and wellness in a way that many people often do – through getting tired of being unhealthy and unwell. 

I’ve battled debilitating migraine headaches and chronic fatigue since I was a teenager. Over the years, things got worse and worse and I started to lose hope in ever feeling like myself again. I was in excruciating pain a lot (if not most) days, and exhausted the rest. I pushed myself hard to use whatever energy I had leftover to get good grades through high school and college. I was stressed, tired, scared of pain I sometimes couldn’t handle, and burned out. 

To say my life was out of balance is an understatement. 

Fortunately, I was supported through all this by an amazing team of health practitioners and healers. Through everything from food as medicine to acupuncture to meditation, they opened me up to a different way to think about health and wellness. I began to understand that we all have the power to make significant differences in our lives through changing the ways we eat, think, breathe, move, act, etc. 

So finally, after a long time of being in denial, I decided to start making some of these changes for myself. I slowed down, got to know myself better, and learned how to prioritize my self care. This journey was full of baby steps (and plenty of setbacks), but little by little I began to transform my life. My headaches and fatigue didn’t disappear completely, but they got a lot better. Most importantly, I was happier and more fulfilled than I had been in a while. Finally, I had restored balance to my life.


That’s why I’ve created Cultivate Balance. 

I know firsthand how easy it is to get knocked off balance, and how challenging it can be to know what to do from there. I understand the importance of focusing on manageable, simple things we can change right now to shift our course, to help propel us back to the thriving people we want to be. 

And it’s my passion to help others – like you – to cultivate a healthy, happy balance in their own lives. And to support fellow migraine sufferers in finding their way out of the dark.

If I can support you on your own journey, please reach out or sign up for a free consultation.

Education and Training

  • Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Coaching Maryland University of Integrative Health

  • Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology with an Emphasis in Neuroscience University of Puget Sound

I received formal training in health and wellness coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I hold both a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching and a Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching. Before my graduate studies, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an Emphasis in Neuroscience. My education has equipped me with extensive, progressive knowledge on coaching techniques, holistic nutrition, physical activity, meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience, biology, and more. I bring all of this and more to my coaching practice.