Back to School: A Good Time of Year to Focus on YOU

Grocery stores are packed with back-to-school deals. School supplies are everywhere. And if they haven't already in your area, school buses will soon reappear on the roads, ready to fill schools and playgrounds with life once more. These are all signs that it's back-to-school season - marking the end of summer and the transition to fall. 

Whether you are literally going back to school or not, let's face it: the end of summer is oftentimes a little hard to handle. It means literal changes in the season: cooler weather, less sunshine, and more rain (especially if you are in the PNW like me). But it also means shifts in lifestyle and routines. Summer is often a time we get to do things a little out of the ordinary, like taking vacations, doing summer-only activities we enjoy (lake swimming, anyone?), and generally just enjoying the energy and sunlight and long days, even after work on weekdays. It's a little more spontaneous, and a little more full of the kind of life only summer can bring. 

Even though it means saying goodbye to a lot of that (for the time being, at least) there's still something to be said for the back-to-school time of year. I've always seen the start of the school year as one of the greatest times for new beginnings. Obviously, for many years of my life this was because it literally marked the start of a new school year. But now, as an adult, the end of summertime adventures marks a time for me to slow down, get a little more quiet in myself, and refocus my intentions. 

So whether you're starting a new endeavor, actually going back to school, or just continuing your day-to-day routines through this back-to-school season, this is a great chance to focus on YOU.

Ask yourself questions like:

What changes need to be put in motion in my life? 
What shifts would I like to create at this time? 
Where do I want my intentions to be? 
What would I like to recommit to?

Maybe there's something you've been meaning to pursue, but kept putting off due to a busy summer schedule. Or perhaps you've let some of your healthy habits slide because there have been other things to focus on this summer. Whatever the case, see this time of year as an opportunity to refocus your intentions, recommit to your goals, or reignite your passions. 

Whatever the case, see this time of year as an opportunity to refocus your intentions, recommit to your goals, or reignite your passions. 

For me, personally, I want to begin putting more of my energy this fall towards creativity and art, something that really fuels me and brings me joy. I don't get around to this during the summer, instead choosing to be outside and go on adventures. But as the days get shorter and I'm inside a bit more, I want to intentionally refocus my energy and set aside time to create. 


What will you do? 


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